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History of Yu-Chun Restaurant and L.A. Corner Kitchen

LA Corner Kitchen was formerly known as Yu-Chun Restaurant - the ORIGINAL Yu-Chun Restaurant from the early 2000's, not an imitator.  Under "confidential circumstances", the owner changed the name of the restaurant in 2009 to LA Corner Kitchen.  Despite the name change, the food and recipes remained deliciously the same.  Even more dishes were added to the menu including chicken dishes and Korean tacos. 

Yu-Chun Restaurant was known throughout Koreatown since the early 2000's for its Mool Neng Myun (cold noodle) dish (pictured below).  The secret recipe for the broth was brought down from the owner's mother, grandmother, and great grandmothers from Korea.  To this date this recipe has not been duplicated, although there have been many unsuccessful attempts from imitators. 

Neng Myun - Korean Cold Noodles

The "confidential circumstance" that caused the owner to change names in the first place became more complex and eventually caused the owner to close LA Corner Kitchen down.  Today, you may see many restaurants going by the name Yu-Chun, but there is only one that uses the same original recipe for the Mool Neng Myun (Korean cold noodle dish) that gave Yu-Chun its name and reputation from the early 2000's.  It is run by the relative of the original owner.  It is located at 3185 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, 90006.  Click here for the Yelp review